VUP Medical, a.s.


VUP Medical, a.s. (formerly Výzkumný ústav pletařský) was founded in as early as 1949. The first knitted vascular prostheses were implanted already in 1961. The company has undergone a number of fundamental changes but today it ranks among world’s leading manufacturers of special implantable and nonimplantable medical devices.

Product portfolio

Ra K, Ra K Incompressible, RA ZK - vascular prostheses and patch 

Vascular prostheses with collagen (Ra K) and vascular patches with collagen (RA ZK) are made of polyester filament yarn and are impregnated with collagen.

ABDOEXPAND – abdominal expander

Abdominal expander is used in open surgeries in the abdominal cavity, where gently pushes intestinal loops away, thus ensuring a sufficient view of and space in the operation wound.

CORTEX – implantable reinforcing felt for surgical purposes

CORTEX is intended for both cardiovascular surgery and other surgical applications where it is necessary to suture soft tissues.

COM 30, SANAVEL – dressing fabrics

COM 30 is used as a temporary covering on wound surfaces after necrectomies in case of third-degree burns, SANAVEL is indicated for treatment of open and closed wounds.

CHS 100, PP MESH – surgical meshes for hernia operations

The application of the surgical meshes is indicated for defects of the abdominal and pelvic floor and applications as suspensory meshes and bandages.

ARAVEL - underwear for oncological patients

The ARAVEL is made of polypropylene fibres and is recommended for oncological patients after radiotherapy.

PRONA - stockings for amputated limbs

PRONA is mitigates the adverse influences to which the limb is exposed and it prevents direct contact of the stump of the amputated limb with the cup of the prosthesis.


Collagen foam designed for local haemostasis. It offers the possibility to use in thoracic, abdominal and vascular surgery and in traumatology.