Anal expander - ANEX


Anal expander consists of a plastic tube wrapped with polyurethane foam that is covered with a tubular knit made of polyester fibers. It is sufficiently elastic, firm and pliable at the same time. The polyurethane foam helps to stop bleeding by compression of mucosa and submucous plexuses. In addition, it absorbs fluids – interstitial fluid and blood, and as a tamponade it promotes haemocoagulation processes. The important feature is an elastic careful compression of the anal canal.


  • Prevention of the undesirable postoperative bleeding of mucosa
  • Prevention of the occurrence of anal spasm
  • Lower risk of the mucosa getting stuck
  • Lower risk of occurrence of stenosis
  • Promotion of haemocoagulation processes
  • High absorption
  • Stable, soft a safe
  • Each unit packaging contains instruction for use
  • Sterilized by irradiation
  • The expiration period is 2 years


The anal expander is suitable for surgical interventions in the anal canal such as surgical treatments of haemorrhoids, fissures, polyps, and fistulae. Its actual utilisation consists in an elastic careful compression of the anal canal where the expander is introduced at the end of the surgery. It lowers the risk of the mucosa getting stuck together, the risk of occurrence of stenosis, and it allows passage of gases and fluids from ampulla recti in spite of an anal tamponade. It can be left in situ for up to 24 hours after the end of the surgery.

Product types

Type Length [mm] Diameter [mm] Catalogue number
ANEX 80 30 170-3080

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