PP URO -Polypropylene mesh for urology

The PP URO mesh is made of polypropylene monofilament. It is designed to fulfil the requirements for approximately 20% elasticity longitudinally, which is desirable for its use in urology.


  • Sterilized by irradiation
  • Cannot be re-sterilized
  • Supplied in unit packaging
  • Other dimensions can be manufactured on agreement
  • The expiration period is 3 years


The indication is primarily stress incontinence proven by complete examination inclusive of urodynamic methods and also descensus uteri in younger women, or in women suffering from prolapse of vaginal stump after hysterectomy has been undergone, in which case surgical correction by means of laparoscopic method is suitable for execution because of the dimensions of the mesh and its properties.

The sling also provides a suitable solution in men suffering from postoperative incontinence after prostatectomy.
The sling can be adjusted for utilisation with any type of needle intended for the insertion of the sling.

Product types

Product Rozměr [mm] Katalogové číslo
PP URO 12 x 450 095-4512

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