Prona Klimatex - Protective stocking for stump


The material composition of stockings comprises wool yarn and polypropylene filament yarn. The stockings are manufactured in two types depending on their weight, namely Light and Termo. The Light type is breathable and suitable for warm climatic season. The Termo type is thicker, has a higher wool content, it is warmer and suitable for wearing in cold season.


  • It is produced in two types depending on their weight that differ in the polypropylene filament yarn and wool contents
  • The polypropylene yarn on the inner side of the product transports moisture away, it has a pleasant warm handle even when it is wet
  • The wool yarn has very good thermal insulation characteristics and the ability to absorb moisture
  • The product is breathable
  • It has a pleasant and warm handle
  • Easy care by washing
  • Stockings are supplied in unit packaging
  • Each package includes a package insert with information about the product and its use


It is used as a protective stocking on a stump of a limb after amputation that is fully healed after the surgical intervention. It mitigates the adverse external influences to which the limb is exposed and it prevents direct contact of the stump of the amputated limb with the cup of a prosthesis.

Product types

Size Width / Length (cm) Catalogue numbers Prona Klimatex Light Catalogue numbers Prona Klimatex Termo
1 18 x 35 P-PRONA KLX1-1 P-PRONA KLX2-1
2 20 x 35 P-PRONA KLX1-2 P-PRONA KLX2-2
3 12 x 45 P-PRONA KLX1-3 P-PRONA KLX2-3
4 22 x 45 P-PRONA KLX1-4 P-PRONA KLX2-4
5 14 x 50 P-PRONA KLX1-5 P-PRONA KLX2-5
6 18 x 55 P-PRONA KLX1-6 P-PRONA KLX2-6
7 22 x 55 P-PRONA KLX1-7 P-PRONA KLX2-7
8 31 x 65 P-PRONA KLX1-8 P-PRONA KLX2-8
9 19 x 70 P-PRONA KLX1-9 P-PRONA KLX2-9
10 21 x 70 P-PRONA KLX1-10 P-PRONA KLX2-10
11 21 x 80 P-PRONA KLX1-11 P-PRONA KLX2-11
12 27 x 80 P-PRONA KLX1-12 P-PRONA KLX2-12

width = circumference of the stump / 2
length = length of the stump

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