PP MESH extra large pore - polypropylene mesh for surgical applications with extra large pores

PP mesh of light structure with extra large pores provides excellent material biocompatibility (reduction of the inflammatory reaction of organism – foreign body reaction), and in experiments it shows a markedly lower shrinkage rate (postoperative shrinkage of the mesh) compared to classic heavyweight meshes.


  • The mesh is pliable, but at the same time sufficiently mechanically resistant
  • It is fully transparent to allow secure fixation
  • The advantageous properties of the mesh predestine PP MESH extra large pore for use in incisional hernioplasties (sublay/onlay)
  • The expiration period is 3 years


  • Incisional hernias (sublay/onlay)
  • Regarding the size of the pores, we recommend mesh fixing at least 10mm from the end of the mesh.

Product types

Size [mm] Catalogue Code
150x100 094-1510
150x150 094-1515
200x150 094-2015
300x150 094-3015
300x300 094-3030

Other dimensions are produced on the basis of customer specifications.

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