Recomendation and prevention

When selecting the type species hernia surgery need to consider several factors: the risk of recurrence , safety (risk of perioperative complications), postoperative recovery and quality of life (return to work , chronic pain), difficulty of operation ( "learning curve" = technical difficulty for the surgeon ) and the cost of performance. The European hernia society in general finds that the operational methods using meshes tend to result in fewer recurrences than surgery without a mesh.

It is recommended to use the mesh for all adult men (and young men over 18 years). If you cannot use the mesh, it should be used Shouldiceho sculpture . Using Lichtenstein's sculptures and laparoscopic methods are acceptable alternatives for primary unilateral inguinal hernia, if the method is done by a sufficiently experienced surgeon, for recurrent inguinal hernia after open sculptures laparoscopic solution provides faster recovery and less postoperative pain than Lichtenstein's operation. If it is particularly important fast recovery (young, active patients) is recommended laparoscopic technique. Due to faster recovery and less cost, the laparoscopic technique is particularly advantageous for bilateral hernias. Other sculptures with open mesh ( Kugel , PHS , Trabucco , Plug and Patch) can be considered as an alternative surgical option, although not yet we do not have data on long-term results.

The mesh for laparoscopic surgery should be the size of it at least 10x15cm. Lichtenstein's operation is preferred for large scrotal hernias in patients undergoing major abdominal surgery and in case of impossibility of general anesthesia. When dealing with inguinal hernia in women should be considered preperitoneal (laparoscopic) sculpture for the higher incidence of femoral defects or pseudorecidiv . Relapse after anterior approach is recommended to solve by the preperitoneal (laparoscopic) technique with mesh. Relapse after rear access is recommended to solve the sculpture of the anterior approach. Complex inguinal hernia (repeated recurrence, infection, mesh, etc.) should address the surgeon specialized in this issue.

In addition to recommendation of E.H.S., VUP Medical follows the late trends in the treatment of hernia issues by visiting congresses and by frequent discussion with experienced hernia surgeons wide-world.

PP MESH is a modern line of surgical meshes made of polypropylene monofilament yarns and intended for repair of inguinal hernias and incisional hernias. 

The PP MESH surgical meshes are available in four variants that differ in their characteristics: relative weight, elasticity, pore size, shape memory.