Ra K incompressible - knitted vascular prosthesis with collagen

The incompressible Ra K knitted vascular prosthesis is made of polyester filament yarn using a warp-knitting technology. The wall of the prosthesis is provided with a color guiding line that helps the surgeon during implantation. A polyethylene monofilament yarn is a wound around the outer side of the prosthesis thus achieving the incompressibility of the graft. A continuous layer of chemically modified bovine collagen is applied to the surface of the prosthesis. It facilitates ingrowth of the tissue into the implant and impermeability of the prosthesis wall at the time of implantation.


  • It is indicated for all types of reconstruction of arteries
  • It is especially suitable in the field of extra-anatomical reconstructions (in reconstructions that bypass the large joints regions)
  • It is elastic and flexible
  • It can be cut to any size with scissors without the risk of frayed edges
  • The polyethylene monofilament yarn can be removed if necessary
  • It is sterilized by irradiation
  • The expiration period is 3 years


The knitted vascular prosthesis is indicated for all arterial reconstructions at levels corresponding to the used diameter in relation to the expected flow. It posseses mechanical resistance to changes in its circular lumen shape caused by external pressure or bending in its course through the prosthesis channel. Therefore its application is suitable especially in the field of extra-anatomical reconstructions and in reconstructions that bypass the large joints regions.

Product types

Length [mm] Diameter [mm] Catalog number
500 6 026-0062
7 026-0072
8 026-0082
9 026-0092

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