COM 30 - Combined dressing fabric

A three-layer combined covering consisting of a polyester mesh, PUR foam and polyamide knitted fabric.


  • It is easy to remove
  • It is sterilized by irradiation
  • It is supplied in unit packaging
  • A custom size can also be manufactured by agreement
  • The expiration period is 5 years


COM 30 is used as a temporary covering on wound surfaces after necrectomies in cases of third-degree burns, infected third-degree burns, the covering of donor sites after dermal grafts have been taken, for treatment of decubitus ulcers, but also on other skin and subcutaneous defects and calf-ulcers. COM 30 must be applied with the mesh (textured layer) towards the defect.

In cases of a vascular occlusion, resulting in ischemisation of an extremity, the intrafascial pressure increases after vascular revascularisation and an occlusion of muscle bed develops – the so-called „compartment syndrome". It is an urgent condition where the revascularisation muscle oedema leads to compression within the space created by the fascia. An untreated condition would result in paralysis caused by compression of nerves, thrombosis caused by compression of the vascular system, and in the final phase it would be manifested by muscle necrosis.

It is acutely necessary to open the skin and the affected muscle beds by widely opening the fascia. But it results in a large temporarily open area that must be covered.
The COM – combined dressing fabric can be used to advantageously for this exact purpose.

Visual documentation of clinical application

1) Fasciotomy performed on crus 2) Impression of fasciotomy wound left on COM
3) Application of COM to the fasciotomy site 4) Fixation of COM by suturing

Product types

Size [mm] Catalogue number
100x75 140-1075
150x100 140-1510
200x150 140-2015
300x200 140-3020

Other dimensions are produced on the basis of customer specifications.

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