Abdominal expander ABDOEXPAND

The abdominal expander Abdoexpand consists of a polyurethane foam cylinder covered with a tubular knit made of polyester fibers. The expander shows both dimensional and shape stability, its surface is soft and resistant. An important characteristic of the expander is its high absorptive capacity, it is able to absorb exudate, blood and other fluids that may be present in the abdominal cavity during surgery.


  • suitable for all types of laparotomy
  • provides a better view of the operation field, thus making the surgeon’s work easier
  • highly absorptive
  • dimensional and shape stability
  • soft, resistant, gentle and safe
  • sterilized by irradiation
  • the expiration period is 5 years 


The expander is used in open surgeries in the abdominal cavity. After correct insertion into the abdominal cavity, the body of the expander gently pushes intestinal loops away, thus ensuring a sufficient view of and space in the operation wound without intestinal loops falling back into the wound and obstructing the surgeon’s view of the operation field. The insertion of the expander into the abdominal cavity is gentle, without injuries to the parenchyma of the organs or the intestine wall.

Product types

Length Diameter Catalogue code
350 mm 100 mm 150-3510



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