Mesh for surgical applications CHS 100


Mesh for surgical applications is a wrap-knitted mesh made of polyester filament yarn.


  • the mesh can be cut to any shape
  • when the mesh is cut the edges do not fray and so sutures hold very well in all directions
  • meshes are supplied in unit packaging
  • sterilized by irradiation
  • It is not designed for resterilization
  • the expiration period is 3 years


Mesh for surgical applications is designed for long-term fixation or reinforcement of various organs. The mesh is suitable for use as a substitute of tissue structures:
  1. where tension characteristics are not required - here the mesh serves as a "trellis" for ingrowth of fibroblasts to form a strong fibrous membrane.
  2. where tension characteristics are required - it is sometimes used in two layers. The most frequent areas of application of the mesh are surgical treatments of abdominal herniae, defects of the abdominal and pelvic floor, and applications as suspensory meshes and bandages.

Product types

Size Catalogue code
120 x 60 mm 082-1206
300 x 200 mm 082-3020

Other dimensions are produced on the basis of customer specifications. 

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