Polypropylene mesh for surgical applications PP MESH light

PP MESH is a mesh made of a polypropylene monofilament i.e. of a nonabsorbable synthetic material considered as a physically and chemically inert and stable material, it is nontoxic and does not show an immunogenic activity.



  • suitable for application in an "open" inguinal hernioplasty (Lichtenstein´s operation)
  • nonabsorbable
  • the weight per unit area of 40 g/m² corresponds to the lighter form of polypropylene meshes
  • standard pore size (pores are greater than 0,8 mm)
  • the elasticity of the mesh is close to that of the abdominal wall
  • excellent handling (the mesh can be cut to any shape)
  • flexible and maximum lightweight material
  • supplied in unit packaging
  • sterilized by ethylene oxide
  • the expiration period is 3 years


The structure of the PP MESH light is optimally designed for permanent support, augmentation or complete replacement of aponeurotic structures of the abdominal wall (e.g. in the case of large ventral hernias) and it safely resists the pressures to which the abdominal wall is subjected.

The mesh is suitable for application in an "open" inguinal hernioplasty with a mesh (Lichtenstein´s operation). It is recommended to observe the principles of Lichtenstein´s operative technique - an appropriate extent of preparation, a sufficient mesh size ensuring an overlap of defect edges, a suitable type of mesh fixation. It is recommended that the fixation sutures penetrate the mesh at least 10 mm from the edge of the mesh.

Product types

Size  Catalogue code
150 x 100 mm 092-1510
150 x 150 mm 092-1515
200 x 150 mm 092-2015
300 x 150 mm 092-3015
300 x 300 mm 092-3030

Other dimensions are produced on the basis of customer specification.

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