International Implant Card

Name of implant: Knitted vascular prosthesis (Ra K) / patch (Ra ZK) During the operation, foreign material has been permanently inserted into your body in the form of a vascular prosthesis or a vascular patch. The presence of foreign material increases the risk of infection – do not underestimate any, even banal infection. Always contact your doctor.

In the event of an acute accident, injury or medical procedure or surgery, tell your doctor if you have an artificial vascular prosthesis or patch in your body and it is their discretion to prescribe antibiotics.

Another risk is the possibility of the prosthesis "breaking" (i.e. narrowing or closing the prosthesis), thereby closing the prosthesis with a clot. The most vulnerable areas are the groin and knee. This condition is manifested by symptoms that were present before the operation, or even more pronounced, and is the reason for an immediate visit to the doctor.

To which environmental influences the patient must not be exposed:
Without special restrictions, perhaps restrictions rather in connection with other diseases of the patient and general recommendations, for example, to reduce the stay in the infectious environment to a minimum.

What preventive measures should the patient follow:
If you have a prosthesis inserted on the lower limbs, it is advisable to avoid prolonged squats or kneeling in a forward position, as well as sitting in a forward position with bent knees.

When to see a doctor:
If you experience worsening of blood circulation in your limbs, redness or bulging above the place where the prosthesis is sewn, or if you experience any other complications.

Composition of vascular prosthesis or patch:
Polyester, glycerin, demineralized water, bovine collagen (derived from bovine skin) of medical grade
Implant name: Polypropylene Surgical Mesh PP MESH During the operation, foreign material in the form of polypropylene surgical mesh PP MESH was permanently inserted into your body. The mesh is well tolerated by the body, it is characterized by sufficient elasticity, and its elasticity corresponds to the elasticity of the abdominal wall. Therefore, you should not experience increased pain.

In the postoperative period, it is recommended to follow the instructions of the surgeon.

If you suffer from diabetes, count on the possibility of problematic healing. If you experience any unwanted symptoms, contact your doctor immediately.

To which environmental influences the patient must not be exposed:
Without special restrictions.

What preventive measures should the patient follow:
Increasing physical load depending on the recommendations of the surgeon.

When to see a doctor:
In the event that you experience increased pain, there is redness in the operating wound or there are any other complications.

Composition of surgical mesh: Polypropylene
Symbol explanation
Patient-ID.png   Patient‘s Name or ID
  Date of Implantation
Health-care-centre-or-doctor.png   Name and Address of the
  implanting healthcare
Patient-information-website.png   Information website
  for patients
MD.png   Device name
UDI - DI   Is the specific device
UDI.png   Unique device identifier
Lot.png   LOT
Manufacturer.png   Producent



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