About us

We are Czech producer of knitted vascular prostheses, hernia meshes and other implantable and non-implantable medical devices.
In cooperation with the Czech leading universities and surgeons we participate in continuous innovation and development of medical devices. And that is also why we rank among the leaders in the field with excellent reputation for more than 70 years.
The whole production process is ensured by internal team of experts by unique production technologies. We own system certificates ISO 9001:2016 and ISO 13485:2016 and all of our products have CE mark.

We are the first European company, which developed and started production of knitted vascular prostheses and sole producer of vascular prostheses in Central Europe as well. At present, the products of VUP Medical, a.s. are distributed in more than 30 countries all round the world.

We successfully provide wide portfolio of medical devices in the highest quality. Our key products are:  
  • knitted vascular prostheses made of polyester silk yarn coated with bovine collagen type I  
  • hernia meshes made of monofilament polypropylene yarn or polyester silk yarn
  • implantable reinforcing felt for surgical application
  • medical textiles
  • medical underwear for oncological patients  
  • protective stocking for stump  

VUP Medical, a.s. is searching for new partners

Do you want to be successful in the future and work with friendly and loyal people? You can start selling our products and become our partner or cooperate with us in the research and production of new, innovative and highly demanded medical items.

Our company is very flexible, with a long tradition in both research and medical fields of medicine. 
We are searching for health-care professionals for cooperation in the scientific and business fields. 
Areas of interest: special implantable and non-implantable medical devices.

You are welcome to write us any questions or suggestions via email: sales@vup.cz


History of VUP Medical

VUP Medical, a.s. (formerly Výzkumný ústav pletařský/Knitting Research Institute) has a long history and tradition. VÚP Brno was founded in 1949 within the scope of the department of research and development of Československé textilní závody n.p. /Czechoslovak.
Since the beginning the institute focused mainly on research and development of knitting, lace and ribbon making technique and technology incl. non-woven textiles and medical devices, research and development of application new textile materials, especially synthetic material, sale and medical devices and products made within the solution of research projects.  
In 1989 VÚP Brno became a state-owned enterprise and in the year 1991 it was established join stock company.