Implantable reinforcing felt for surgical applications CORTEX

Needled textile felt made of polyester filament yarn. It is produced in three types: Cortex 1, 2, 20, that differ in thickness and dimensions.


  • avoids possible incision of the stitches
  • sterilized by irradiation
  • the expiration period is 3 years


Implantable reinforcing felt is intended for both cardiovascular surgery and other surgical applications where it is necessary to suture soft tissues that might be cut through by the sutures (e.g. in case of parenchymatous organs). Cortex can be used to advantage for covering defects of the septum and other defects. Cortex 20 is used as a support under sutures of the left ventricle of the heart after aneurysmectomy.

Product types

Type Package Thickness (mm) Size (mm) Catalogue code
CORTEX 1 set min. 1,1 2 pcs (120 x 80)
4 pcs (60 x 40)
CORTEX 2 set min. 2,2 2 pcs (120 x 80)
4 pcs (60 x 40)
CORTEX 20 2 pcs min. 2,2 12 x 160 103-0116

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