Knitted vascular patch with collagen Ra ZK

The vascular patch is made of polyester filament yarn using knitting technology and it is covered on the marked side with a continuous layer of bovine collagen of type I.


  • can be cut to any shape
  • strong, elastic, easy to pierce and it does not fray
  • the water permeability is 0-5
  • the thickness is max. 0,4 mm
  • sterilized by irradiation
  • the expiration period is 3 years


The knitted vascular patches with collagen Ra ZK are suitable for use as patches in plastic surgeries on any artery or prosthesis where this surgery is indicated. The patches are applicable under full heparinisation of the patient. 

Product types

Size: width x length Catalogue code
8 x 75 mm 020-0875
13 x 80 mm 020-1380
13 x 100 mm 020-1310
35 x 100 mm 020-3510

Other dimensions are produced on the basis of customer specification.

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