Wound care

VUP Medical has been designing and producing a portfolio of special products for wound care. Two of the products - COM30 and Sanavel - have proven their quality during many years of clinical use in prominent hospitals in the Czech Republic and abroad. 

What we treat?

Wound healing is an intricate process where the skin or other body tissue repairs itself after injury. In normal skin, the epidermis (surface layer) and dermis (deeper layer) form a protective barrier against the external environment. When the barrier is broken, an orchestrated cascade of biochemical events is quickly set into motion to repair the damage.  This process is divided into predictable phases: blood clotting (hemostasis), inflammation, the growth of new tissue (proliferation), and the remodeling of tissue (maturation). Sometimes blood clotting is considered to be part of the inflammation stage instead of its own stage. 

The wound healing process is not only complex but also fragile, and it is susceptible to interruption or failure leading to the formation of non-healing chronic wounds. Factors that contribute to non-healing chronic wounds are diabetes, venous or arterial disease, infection, and metabolic deficiencies of old age. 

Wound care products

We provide a modern line of wound care products, for various types of wounds, such as burns, acute and superficial wounds,  and diabetic leg syndrome, including surgically complicated wounds. 
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