Dressing fabric SANAVEL


Hydrophobic high-porous dressing fabric SANAVEL is a warp-knitted fabric made of polyester filament yarn. SANAVEL 1 differs in its knitted structure from SANAVEL 2.


  • non-adhesive, has a pleasant feel, does not irritate the wounds and does not stick to them
  • can be easily removed from any wound without the risk of damage to the wound base
  • displays good secretion permeability, which favorably influences the healing processes
  • sterilized by irradiation
  • the expiration period is 3 years


The SANAVEL dressing is used for treatment of both open and closed wounds. Impregnation with drugs in a liquid or ointment base prior to application is advisable. It is designed particularly for use in surgical and dermatological treatment, in clinical plastic surgery, in both hospitals and ambulatory care facilities.

SANAVEL 1 - is suitable for impregnation with drugs in an ointment base
SANAVEL 2 - is suitable for impregnation in a liquid vehicle

Product types

Type Size Package Catalogue number
SANAVEL 1 140 x 100 mm 25 pcs 131-1410
SANAVEL 2 140 x 100 mm 25 pcs 132-1410

Other dimensions are produced on the basis of customer specifications.

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